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Online Course


For parents, educators & other interested people

Accompanying children and teenagers in the development of their sexuality


There are very few who received close and compassionate accompaniment when sexuality awakened in our childhood and adolescence. On the contrary, generations before ours experienced repression, castration and abuse of sexuality in its different dimensions. And these experiences are in our histories and our memories.

In this workshop we invite you to develop a new look at the awakening of sexuality that will give you new options to accompany children and adolescents in their self-discovery and exploration of a conscious, respectful and fulfilling sexuality. A sexuality in which the body becomes a path of exploration and transformation. Where the body is listened to and respected in its rhythms, needs and diversity. 

In the 3 meetings we will explore several key concepts around sexuality, deepening our own lived experience. This self-exploration will help us to better understand what children and adolescents need at each stage of their development and will facilitate us to develop resources to better support them in their growth.


  • where we come from
  • stages of sexual development and specific needs
  • changes in the body
  • sexual and gender diversity
  • managing emotions
  • the first times
  • pleasure, sensuality, body connection and eroticism
  • how to develop a conscious, respectful and
  • embodied sexuality
  • self-explorations and self-love
  • a wide range of resources for accompaniment

Facilitated by:

Cristina Lucas



19 March, 19:00 h

3 sessions

9 April
16 April
23 April


Online – by zoom