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Deepen your personal transformation of your sexuality.
Become more professional when accompanying others in embodied sexuality.


Second year of the training programme
SOMA Intimacy
Embodied Sexuality

The second year of the training programme is an invitation to deepen the somatic transformation of your own intimacy, to further cultivate and train the embodiment that you experienced in the first year. It will allow you to deepen the somatic tools you have already learned and to explore new somatic practices.

In addition to this, it prepares you to specialise in accompanying others in the field of somatic sexuality. Some of the practices consist in accompanying several people in their sexuality over multiple sessions. You will be supported and supervised by the training team.

After successfully completing the training requirements, you will be awarded the SOMA Intimacy Practitioner certificate.

What is included in the second year of the training programme?

We understand that the best preparation for accompanying others somatically is one’s own lived experience and training in embodied presence. Therefore, in the second year we continue with embodiment practices and somatic explorations.

An important part of the practices consists in accompanying other people in their sexual development.

The training is conceived as a collaborative process of learning and transformation, shared with and accompanied by a circle of people with similar desires. The duration of the second year of the training programme is approximately 9 months. It combines in-person learning in 3 residential retreats with regular somatic practices.

2nd time running
19 November 2024 – 31 July 2025

Three residential workshops in nature

The foundation of the training programme consists of the three residential workshops (5 days each) that take place in nature. They will allow you to (re)connect with the people in the group and facilitate your commitment with your learning and transformation process.

The first retreat will focus on our SOMA Intimacy methodology. In the second retreat we will deepen the exploration of the shadow side and of expansive energies, and the third gathering will be about integration and working professionally.

Supervised regular practices

Another central element of our training programme consists of the practicums to be carried out between the residential workshops. In the second year of the training you will have 3 types of practices:

  • new personal somatic practices (similar to the first year of the training)
  • reflective practices
  • accompaniment practices (in which you accompany other people in their process and other sessions where you receive accompaniment).

In order to obtain the training certificate, 60 hours of accompaniment practice are required. 30 of these hours are included in the accompaniment practice in the 5 modules which are done during the training programme. The remaining 30 hours can also be done during the training or in the 3 months after the last in-person meeting.

Monthly meetings in small groups

You will be part of a small group of approximately 4 participants who will meet on a regular basis, moderated by a member of the training team, with the intention of supporting personal integration and collaborative learning among the participants as well as providing support for your practice sessions with other people.

10 online somatic and supervision workshops

These practical online workshops will allow you to feel the connection and support of the group, while helping you to deepen your process, to feel enriched by different ways of experiencing human sexuality and to develop your abilities when accompanying others

Personalised accompaniment

Each participant will be assigned a mentor from the training team. This person will accompany them throughout the whole duration of the training programme. We understand that our training can be internally challenging and so we want to be close to you to support you in your practices and accompany you during your personal process and professional development.


After successfully completing the training requirements of the second year of the training programme, you will be awarded the SOMA Intimacy Practitioner certificate.

With the certification you can apply to become a professional member in the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS).


  • is based on the lived experience as a path for learning

  • trusts in the transformative power of pleasure

  • trains the attitude of presence in intimacy (rather than focusing on techniques)

  • has a somatic understanding of learning and transformation

  • values transparency in communication and commitment to relationships

  • is oriented towards the development and integration of one’s resources

  • is trauma-sensitive

  • is based on creating a safer and more inclusive space

  • gives permission to pleasure, sensuality and eroticism and integrates them into the wholeness of human experience.


In the second year of the training you will be able to:

  • deepen your embodiment process, as well as your somatic awareness, opening and practice in sexuality and in general life
  • experience new ways to feel pleasure and connect to others in intimacy
  • gain more confidence and develop your ability to regulate your impulses, emotions and sexual energy
  • get more acquainted with parts of your sexuality that you have not explored so far as well as your shadow sides
  • explore power play and different dynamics of transformative BDSM
  • integrate your learnings and discoveries more into your daily life and your relationships
  • be accompanied and inspired by a group of people committed to your sexual and personal growth.

On a professional level

  • expand your capacity to create a container of loving presence, respect and active listening when accompanying clients and groups
  • integrate new somatic modalities in your accompaniment of others (somatic techniques of regulation and work with trauma, exploration of scars, lucid masturbation, trance and expansive energies, play with boundaries / domination/submission dynamics, body meditations etc.).
  • gain more confidence in accompanying others on a wide variety of topics related to intimacy and sexuality
  • have practical resources and professional support to become more professional in working with others with embodied sexuality.


The content of the first year’s training is developed around 3 fundamental topics:

  • Somatic practices of healing and exploration (extension)
  • Professional integrity when accompanying others
  • Accompanying people using Embodied Sexuality


Peter Kogelbauer

Training programme coordinator and trainer. Founder of the SOMA Intimacy Institute. Somatic and humanistic therapist, trained in Gestalt therapy and Sexological Bodywork / Somatic Sex Education. Esalen Massage Practitioner. Certified in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy.

Vivian Oset

Co-trainer on the second year of the training programme.
Body therapist in Shiatsu and Movement and Embodied Sexuality / SOMA Intimacy. 
Yoga and meditation teacher for 15 years. Trained in various oriental techniques. She has been part of our training team for 4 years.
Accompanies women in pregnancy, childbirth and conscious parenting. Continuous training in sexuality..

Lydia Müller

Co-trainer on the second year of the training programme.
Dance teacher, professional dancer, choreographer and bodyworker. Trained in embodied sexuality and various other approaches to conscious intimacy. Lydia is a facilitator and organiser of retreats and courses in dance, somatic and conscious sexuality.
Her work is about connection, expression, liberation and empowerment.

& collaborators


The second year of the SOMA Intimacy training is aimed exclusively at people who have already completed the first year, and who are interested in:

  • deepening their own exploration, healing and growth in sexuality and intimacy
  • develop their professional capacity to accompany others somatically in the field of sexuality.


1. First year of the training programme

To access the second year of the training, it is necessary to have completed the first year, including all the training requirements.

2. Personal interview

A short personal interview with a member of the training team is required to participate in the training programme. In this interview we can discuss further details about the training and clarify any doubts you might have.

3. Registration

Registrations open in autumn 2023.

Download the complete dossier SYT