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A space for personal development in the area of somatic sexology

SOMA Intimacy Institute

The SOMA Intimacy Institute (SII) is a space for personal development in the area of somatic sexology, where people can engage, train and grow alongside other like-minded people.

Our mission is to promote a sexuality that is more connected to the body, offering spaces for transformation and the conscious exploration of sexuality. We want to help people connect with their pleasure, vitality and wholeness, creating more authentic and satisfying intimate relationships. We offer training programmes for professionals who want to incorporate the SOMA Intimacy approach, resources and tools into their way of accompanying others.

The SOMA Intimacy Institute was founded by Peter Kogelbauer and is a continuation of the work that we have done at Sexological Bodywork Spain and at the Instituto de Cuerpo y Sexualidad since 2014. We carry out our activities in collaboration with other entities and professionals in somatic sexology and other related fields.

What is SOMA Intimacy?

SOMA Intimacy is an innovative methodology which has emerged from our work in somatic sexology over the last 10 years and which is aimed at the exploration, healing and transformation in human sexuality. It is based on an attitude of presence, connection, tuning-in, somatic investigation and co-creation that gives explicit permission to pleasure, sensuality and eroticism and integrates them into the totality of human experience.

It integrates methods of Sexological Bodywork with the Gestalt attitude of presence and different somatic approaches. Our methodology is trauma-sensitive and process-oriented. We believe deeply in the transformative power of pleasure and welcome sexual and gender diversity (LGBTQIA+ friendly). Rather than teaching techniques, we focus on training an attitude of embodied presence, connection, spontaneity and creativity in intimacy.

Our values

  • PLEASURE, as an expression of our vitality and a driving force for transformation.
  • EMBODIMENT, connecting more with our life force.
  • TUNING-IN, to the path and rhythm of each person (including oneself)
  • ACCEPTANCE, blending with the different parts to facilitate change processes
  • PERMISSION, listening to our needs, limits and desires
  • TRANSPARENCY, connecting with our deepest truths
  • COMMITMENT, with our own growth and with the relationship with others
  • DIVERSITY, honouring the wide range of human experience
  • CREATIVITY, understanding transformation as a co-creative process.

In all our activities we follow the code of ethics of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists.

Directed by

Peter Kogelbauer

Of Austrian origin, he has been living in Spain since 2002. Founder of SOMA Intimacy Institute. Somatic and humanistic therapist, trained in Gestalt therapy and Sexological Bodywork / Somatic Sex Education. Esalen Massage Practitioner. Trained in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy. Currently training in systemic constellations.

Peter is one of the pioneers of somatic sexology in Spain, giving workshops and trainings in this field since 2013. He was a trainer in Sexological Bodywork, collaborating closely with the Sexological Bodywork centres in Zurich and Berlin for a number of years.


He has developed the SOMA Intimacy® approach, which combines bodywork methods of Sexological Bodywork with the Gestalt attitude of presence and other somatic, process-oriented and trauma-sensitive methods to accompany others in their intimacy. This approach deeply trusts in the transformative power of pleasure, recognises and welcomes sexual and gender diversity (LGBTQIA+ friendly) and integrates sexuality into the totality of human experience. Rather than teaching methods, SOMA Intimacy focuses on training the participants’ presence, communication, spontaneity and creativity in intimacy.

Professional member of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists.
 Adherent member of the Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy.



Vivian Oset

Trainer in our training programme in Barcelona

Body therapist in Shiatsu and Movement and Embodied Sexuality / SOMA Intimacy. 
Yoga and meditation teacher for 15 years. Trained in various oriental techniques. She has been part of our training team for 4 years.

Accompanies women in pregnancy, childbirth and conscious parenting. Continuous training in sexuality.


Lydia Müller

Trainer in our training programme in Portugal

Dance teacher, professional dancer, choreographer and bodyworker, trained in Embodied Sexuality / SOMA Intimacy and various other approaches in conscious sexuality. Lydia is a facilitator and organiser of retreats and courses in dance, somatic and conscious sexuality (Contact Tango, Tantra Tango, Neo Tantra, Contact Improvisation, Healing Sexuality, Intimacy, Nature dance and Yoga).

Her work is about connection, expression, liberation and empowerment.


Asun Florido

Integrative body therapist. Gestalt therapist. Polarity therapist. Integral Sensitive Massage. Tantric massage. DMC (Deactivation of body memories). Facilitator of Osho active meditations. Tantra with Astiko.



Andre Bosque

Psycho-corporal therapist specialised in Embodied Sexuality, and activist in body, sexual and gender diversity.


Cristina Lucas

Gestalt therapist. Specialised in embodied sexuality / SOMA Intimacy, female sexuality and trained in tantra for families. Integrative and transpersonal therapist (SAT programme). Facilitator of workshops on female sexuality, circles of sexuality in childhood and adolescence and accompaniment for families.

Guest Trainer


Mareen Scholl

Somatic coach, somatic sex educator, sexological bodyworker and holistic body therapist. Co-founder of ISB Berlin. Long experience with tao, kink, BDSM and in sex-positive spaces.

Mareen accompanies people with their heart’s desire: to bring their visions into the world and embody their being. She supports people to discover and deepen their sexuality and to live more consciously in body, mind and desire.