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An invitation to rediscover the deep wisdom of your body

Accompanying sessions in
SOMA Intimacy

Our individual sessions are a space to explore different facets of your sexuality in a practical way in order to live it to the fullest.

In the sessions, we create, together with you, a safe environment of deep respect for the uniqueness of your ways of expressing and relating to others in your intimacy.

We facilitate a personal process that is based on our somatic approach, embraces your whole being and provides you with new practical resources for your sexual and human development.

The sessions consist of an introductory part in which we find an intention/direction for your exploration on a corporal level. This second part of body exploration will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of a specific symptom. You will discover new ways to deepen your connection to your body, to your pleasure and to your vitality, and to experience a more authentic and satisfying shared intimacy.

In relation to the issues that may arise, your commitment and regular practice will enhance your learning and transformation. We provide the information you need to continue practising and integrating your new discoveries into your intimacy and life in general.

Our accompaniment is practical, process-focused, resource-oriented and trauma-sensitive. We deeply value the great diversity of human sexuality.

We also offer counselling for couples. Contact us for more information.

We can help you with

  • disconnection from desire, from your body or from your pleasure
  • insecurity in intimacy or when giving and receiving physical contact
  • orgasm issues
  • erection issues
  • issues about ejaculation
  • pain during sex or vaginismus
  • limiting repetitive patterns in sex
  • lack of sensation in the body, or part of the body
  • abuse
  • non-acceptance of one’s body
  • compulsive behaviour related to sex
  • sexual identity issues (sexual orientation, gender …)
  • regaining pleasure after operations, scars, etc.
  • exploring or validating one’s way of living your sexuality
  • deepening your pleasure
  • improving communication or intimate/erotic connection in shared intimacy
  • learning intimate massage
  • anal pleasure
  • “slow sex”
  • getting to know one’s sexual orientation or gender identity better, transitions
  • exploring BDSM
  • “late beginners” (people with little experience who want to discover their sexuality)
  • etc.


Peter Kogelbauer

Founder of SOMA Intimacy Institute. Somatic and humanistic therapist, trained in Gestalt therapy and Sexological Bodywork / Somatic Sex Education. Esalen Massage Practitioner. Trained in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy. Currently training in systemic constellations.

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