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Learn to enjoy more your intimacy

Connect and Explore

How can you enjoy a more creative and nourishing intimate life?

We invite you to participate in a weekend workshop where you can discover and experience first-hand a new perspective on sexuality.

This opportunity is based on somatic experience in oder to delve deeper into yourself and your intimacy.

You will learn tools that you can integrate into your general life, tools that help you improve your sexual and emotional connections and which you can also use to support others.

In this introductory workshop we will create a framework of care and trust in which you will be able to:

  • Increase your ability to enjoy your body sensations.
  • Live a sexuality more connected to your body (erotic embodiment).
  • Become more aware and listen to your needs, limits and desires.
  • Recognise your own body as a source of pleasure and feel freer and more confident.
  • Establish deeper bonds in your intimate encounters.
  • Learn to regulate your sexual experiences more consciously (sexual empowerment).
  • Develop your erotic skills (natural erotic awareness).

On our journey you will experience somatic dynamics of movement and self-regulation, touch and consent, transparent communication, conscious touch aimed towards the recognition and reconciliation with pleasure (as giver and receiver) and intimate meditations of pleasure.

In a creative way, you will discover effective ways to address and transform a wide range of difficulties in sexuality (e.g. issues related to self-acceptance, desire, orgasm, erection, emotional and sexual blocks, processes of transitions and many more) and to expand your erotic skills.

We will facilitate caring spaces for group sharing of your experiences.

If you accompany other people, your own experiences in the workshop can provide you with new resources for working with others.

To access our SOMA Intimacy training programme, it is necessary to participate in this weekend workshop. If it is not possible for you to participate on the dates indicated or if you have already attended a workshop on embodied sexuality with a member of the training team, please contact us.

For participants in the training, this weekend will already be the beginning of their personal journey towards a more conscious and nurturing sexuality.

Who is it for?

  • People who want to enhance their confidence and freedom to live a more fulfilling sexuality.
  • Therapists, coaches, bodyworkers, massage therapists and other professionals interested in learning new methods for their work related to intimacy.
  • People interested in our SOMA Intimacy training programme.