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Learn to enjoy more your intimacy.

Embodied Sexuality
Introductory Workshops

How can you connect more with your body and your pleasure, how can you create more intimacy in your sexual encounters?

We invite you to the following two one-day workshops where you can expand your understanding of what your sexuality could mean for you.

These two workshops are aimed at people who want to:

  • connect with and respect more their own rhythm in intimacy
  • discover new pleasures in intimacy
  • improve the quality of their touch
  • improve communication in intimacy
  • live a more creative, nurturing and fulfilling sexuality
  • become empowered in their sexuality and in life in general
  • get to know themselves better

They are also designed for people interested in our SOMA Intimacy 2024 training.

The Dance of Touch
Exploring consent and pleasures

In this workshop you will explore different attitudes, dynamics and sensations when we touch or are touched. We will experience with Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, a model that helps us to understand how through touch we can connect deeply with ourselves and create a safe, creative and intimate space with another person.

You will get to know a series of activities that will help you become more aware of your own needs, limits and desires and how to communicate them when touching or being touched. In this way you will be able to discover new sensations and pleasures enriching your intimate life and your life in general.

Open to all people interested in exploring their sexuality in a conscious and practical way.

Intimacy & Pleasure through Touch
Slowing down to feel more

This workshop is an opportunity to explore slowness and train presence in touch to expand your connection with yourself and deepen bodily pleasure.

The workshop starts with dynamics to create connection in the group and to train awareness and communication about personal boundaries.

In the second part you will experience different types of meditative touch, which are an invitation to delve into your bodily sensations and pleasures. You will be able to find out for yourself at what pace and in which parts of your body you would like to do this exploration, with yourself or with a partner. You will learn practical tools to enrich your intimate life.

This workshop is designed for people who already have previous experience in the conscious exploration of their sexuality on a body level. If this world is new to you, we recommend you to attend the workshop “The Dance of Touch” as a preparation.