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A caring space where you can create a map of self-knowledge about the nature of your arousal and pleasure

Erotic Blueprints

19 – 21 July 2024 / Residential Workshop

This retreat is an experiential and caring space where you can connect to your relaxation, respect and self-listening, and create a map of self-knowledge about the nature of your arousal and pleasure and about the nature of the arousal and pleasure of your relationships.

The Erotic Blueprints® were developed by somatic sexologist and researcher into the nature of desire, Miss Jaiya. They introduce us to five different paths to arousal and eroticism. In Western culture, the Sexual Language, one of the Erotic Blueprints – is known and nurtured primarily. Therefore, those of us whose Primary Blueprint is not the Sexual Blueprint, have found it very difficult to access our own eroticism or to feel really nourished by it.

This workshop is born from the desire to facilitate a space where all the different ways to access our own erotic truths and expand on them can be explored.

It is an invitation to discover, through careful exploration, what it is that eroticises you and what parts of you need to be nurtured, healed and respected in order to access a sexuality that is alive, creative and free of judgement. At the same time we will explore why Erotic Blueprints have become a great tool for breaking the myth of “sexual incompatibility”.

¿Who is it for?

For those who live or wish to live their sexuality as an act of creativity, play, improvisation, presence, expansion, and of embracing shame to say yes to a world of possibilities.

Welcome to different ages, experiences, bodies, orientations, identities and relational models. All are welcome whether these are the first steps on your path of self-knowledge of your eroticism, or if you have been on this path for a long time. We invite participants coming alone, with partner(s) or with friends. Feel free to explore the level of connection that feels right for you.

Facilitated by

Andre Bosque / Psycho-corporal Therapist specialised in Embodied Sexuality (SOMA Intimacy), Erotic Blueprints, Wheel of Consent, accompaniment of sexual trauma from the point of view of Somatic Experiencing, and intersectional activist in body, sexual and gender diversity. 


310 €  If you register prior to 31 May
350 € Normal fee


Mas de Caret
Montañas de Prades 
Tarragona (Spain)


19 – 21 July
Arriving: Friday, 19th until 5 pm
Check out: Sunday, 21st at 4 pm (after lunch)


To register, the reservation fee is 80 €, which you can pay if you follow the online registration (by clicking at “Book Now”). This payment will be deducted from the total amount. You can pay the remaining part on the first day of the retreat.